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Frequently Asked Questions at Sacab Elite

With the arrival of Ride Requesting Apps(Software on a smartphone or tablet enabling a user to book or request a Ride | Taxi | Cab him or herself), and with the drop in rates Ride | Taxi | Cab services ask, it has simply become unaffordable to employ Call Center staff. Sacab Elite is in fact one of the few Ride | Taxi | Cab services, that still provide customers the ability to book or get quotes via email as well.
Secondly, telephone communication takes up alot of time, and multiple bookings/quotes can be handled much quicker and with for example only one staff member.

Only our office and email bookings and quotes operate from Mondays to Friday, 08h30am to 17h00pm.

Yes, you may!

We STRONGLY advise you not too. Please always book via our booking pages.
When you start booking directly with the driver, you will get inconsistant prices, and drivers make up their own rates.
Rather, if you need to book a specific driver, ask the driver his/her driver code and name, and we will assign the booking directly to that driver.